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Jan 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
this things. we need a workshop. we need our elders here who have spoken to be a part of that workshop. so that the right people give the right information to the right people to take this city and county of san francisco to a better place. thank you. >> thank you, sir. is there any other public comment? commissioner vietor. >> i don't know where to start here, there is a lot on the table. first of all i want to thank steve ritchie, i know how full your plate is. and i know how long you have been working on this, and how complicated it is in some ways. and in some ways not that complicated. but i know how much effort you put in. and i want to thank but for the lake merced task force, but for all of you coming and keeping us on point on this. and reminding us the history and value of this important asset of the puc's. and i am also discouraged that no one from rec and park is here. because i feel like they should be. it's an important conversation and we are trying to get a common understanding if not relationship going with regards to this site. to keep on a big-picture view. there are sev
Jan 18, 2013 2:30am PST
's been quite a journey. we're talking 3 1/2 years, maybe nearly 50 different drafts and 5 workshops? . >> five workshops, yes. >> so, looking back at the journey, how has it been for you and has it come out as you expected it would? . >> what's interesting is if you work on a play this long, normally there are times that it becomes redundant and you get a little bored with the piece. it's only natural. it's pushing 4 years now. this one was interesting in that it never got boring or ever felt redundant and each thing that we did over these almost 4 years, whether it was going off to sundance or to writer's retreat they have in sheritan, wyoming -- is that where you went? . >> that was in utah and la as well, down there at the institute. >> they have another writer's retreat in sheritan, wyoming, so i spent time out there and we workshoped this in san francisco, we have done readings at the asia society in new york. each time we did a workshop, each time we did a reading, it moved the piece forward. i think in large part it has to do with working with cary pearloff, the director, but
Jan 30, 2013 7:00am EST
process in their workshop. the rebels want to show that they can make use of whatever resources they can and that they can get the ingredients to make serious bombs. at night, my colleagues and i were invited by a group of rebels to look at their bomb making workshop. >> somewhere near the syrian border, the free syrian army is trying to get its chemistry exactly right. with the help of a bit of old- fashioned force. here the bomb makers mix the early stages of nitroglycerine using ingredients they have made themselves. the rebels insist that we not reveal exactly where they are. their main expert has already been arrested three times. homemade explosives are important weapon in the fight against the syrian government. these bomb makers live in their workshop and assemble bombs here, taking the explosives across the border, into syria. they wanted to show us exactly how the explosives work, so they gave us these pictures of their tests conducted on a building instead of syria. the bomb detonated as planned. to their very obvious delight. auk met used to study business at university in sy
Jan 2, 2013 7:30pm PST
had a third in the series of community workshops and 70 attainablities to present a draft concept plan, you may recall in june and july aecosm and their team presented two alternative concept and we reviews them with the commission and a variety of stake holders holders and ae come came together and developed a hybrid version of a draft planning for the entire 8pm acre park and the next slides illustrate the slide zones for the multipulse green and a park and plaza space and three is what we are call the building one 09 court area and four are the maritime garnishes and five is the shore line areas and basically crane copark is bound by -- east of ill annoy street and the orange areas are future parcels as identified by the pier 70 master plan if so this is an illustration looking at 19th street at the entrance to the park with the large green area to the left and there is a little key on the bottom right that shows where that view is from this shows how simply four can be adaptively reused as a park area and rehabilitation of the cranes and access into the park from ill know street th
Jan 24, 2013 4:30pm PST
to learning how to process your first roll of film. we offer classes and workshops in digital camera, digital printing. we offer classes basically in the shooting, ton the town at night, treasure island. there is a way for the programs exploring everyone who would like to spend the day on this program. >> hello, my name is jennifer. >> my name is simone. we are going on a field trip to take pictures up the hill. >> c'mon, c'mon, c'mon. >> actually, i have been here a lot. i have never looked closely enough to see everything. now, i get to take pictures. >> we want to try to get them to be more creative with it. we let them to be free with them but at the same time, we give them a little bit of direction. >> you can focus in here. >> that was cool. >> if you see that? >> behind the city, behind the houses, behind those hills. the see any more hills? >> these kids are wonderful. they get to explore, they get to see different things. >> we let them explore a little bit. they get their best. if their parents ever ask, we can learn -- they can say that they learned about the depth of field or the
Jan 30, 2013 2:30pm PST
against the syrian government. these bomb makers live in the workshop. they assemble bombs here and take the explosives across the border into syria. they wanted to show us exactly how they're explosive work. they gave us these pictures of one of their tests conducted on a building inside of syria. the bomb, debt to nagin as planned. -- detonated as planned, to their obvious delight. this man used to study business and syria. he has one month in this workshop to learn how to become an expert bomb maker. when you plant a bomb, how can you guarantee that innocent men, women, children will not actually get killed? >> we plant bombs on the edge of villages under rebel control. the officers have strict control over the detonators. we don't let civilians come close. use this sign which means attention, dangers down, to warn them. we only use the explosives against the assad regime. >> you are fighting bashar al- assad, he has warplanes. can you really be his government with these weapons? >> -- beat his government with these weapons? >> it is not enough, but we hope to get some help from outsi
Jan 16, 2013 1:00am PST
and the agencies's marketing department will be shown to the board on its january 29th workshop. looking forward to that. the agency has also developed various promotional items to be distributed to employees this month that include commemorative pins, centennial shoulder.s and coffee mugs. lastly on december 28th, members of the mta board and director reiskin visited many operating administrative divisions to personally thank our frontline employees for their dedicated service. staff really appreciated hearing from you and a special thanks to director lee's wife for the fabulous cupcakes. a short update on the court of appeals ruling on our bike program that was released yesterday. as you know in 2009, the mta board approved the san francisco bike plan. the adequacy of the environmental impact report supporting this approval was challenged in an appeal to the board of supervisors and an action in superior court. in 2010, the san francisco superior court ruled in the city's favor. the challengers appealed this ruling to the california court of appeals. just the california court of appeals issue
Jan 21, 2013 9:30am PST
're doing workshops in the community. we have already done one we have one on february 14th at the bayview police commission from 5:30 to 7:00 at 201 williams. there is one on february 20th from 4:00 to 5:30 at the ihotel at 868 kearney. february 22, from 12:00 to 2:00 at the main library at 100 larkin in the auditorium. february 26th at 5:30 at union hall at 1338 mission street. at those workshops we'll show people how to fill out the time sheets. if people want to practice filling out time sheets, there are practice locations. providers can go to the union hall at 1339 mission and ask for assistance with practicing. they can come to the ihss independent provider enrollment center at 77 otis. they can get receive practice experience there and public authority is also willing to assist with practice and they ask that you call first. and their phone number is 243-3120. we have developed a powerpoint time sheet of those that have been accepted and rejected from the chico processing facility and that is up on our website. the website is also on the screen there. you will
Jan 30, 2013 2:30pm PST
coalition have held numerous workshops to educate riders on how to prevent bike theft and i'll be calling upon the city to build on these and to look at these kind of strategies to make sure that we protect our residents from bike theft and i'm looking forward to seat research at a hearing of the new neighborhood safety and services committee that i sit on with chair supervisor campos and normany as well and also on saturday, i was happy to be at the community inauguration at our city's -- supervisor avalos and i were enjoying the community spirit that was will and alhando said that he wants to see poetry come into all chambers of government and so i look forward to his ideas and supporting those in strengthening our community with poetry and i also want to say that i tended on sun day a ceremony with maritally and it was a civil rights heros by the asian caucus and other and is our great alumni of san francisco state and dany tbloiver was the m c and he was wonderful and but he gave property props and recognition to some of the asian pacific islander communities like [name?] andsure coac
Jan 27, 2013 5:00pm PST
benevolent association hosted a workshop for businesss in chinatown. and we had about 68 participants attend. so we are launching the invest in neighbors ada outreach program to chinatown as well. small business week, commissioner adams will be providing you with regular report as part of his president's reports, but just wanted to let you know on the staff's side we're working to explore to see if we mike might be able to have a very small kind of tech expo. where we hear there are small business technology companies that have technology that that want to get in front of small businesses and have been asking how they can do that. so we're looking to put together a small business tech expo in conjunction with small business week. there is still details and logistics about where to have it and best time, but we're really working to try to make that something that we can do. then i just wanted to know if you had any feedback around the sunday meters at all? >> the merchants? >> the merchants are furious. we haven't heard too much effects yesterday since they haven't handed out tickets yet,
Jan 6, 2013 8:00am PST
. summer is a coach, author and workshop leader who was an entrepreneur, professional speaker and president of a mortgage company. she's one of the experts featured in the book power to change. whether you want to jump start your career, lose weight, improve a personal relationship, whatever, summer says you have to live your life as if your wishes already happened. welcome. >> thank you. >> we have heard this before. this is not a brand new concept. it's ages old people will tell you. why is it so difficult do? it seems every time we hear it, it's almost new for us. >> well, it is new to most people. the truth is the laws i teach, laws of attraction, power of imagination, power of our words, this has been talked about forever. it's just people forget. i think as a child we know this and then as we start growing up, we start observing people around us. then we are told not to day dream. >> people will say you've got get practical. you are not going to get a job as we were talking in the last segment, it will not happen with you sitting on the couch hoping the phone rings with the ideal job.
Jan 1, 2013 10:30pm PST
, 2011, i suggested that you folks have a workshop. two hours. three hours. four hours. and learn about your lake. and i remember commissioner moran at least, you didn't sniff it, you said you may want to consider that down the road. i implore you to spend time and learn about lake merced. and look at what my magnus opum, and do it at the lake. in the culture center. i will buy the first round of drinks. and then we go over and do a visit at lake merced. we look at the gun club site. and look at the boat house. and look at disaster of the current. and then if you want to put icing on the cake, i will take you to show you a really nice boat house. any questions? >> no, thank you very much. i have one question to our council. can you get back to us on an answer whether or not that $2 million can be utilized by us? or is that issue resolved? >> i am sorry, i meant to pull the bond issue before i came over, and i didn't have a chance. i will get back to you. >> sure, get back to me in writing, e-mail is fine. secondly as we deal with the issues. we invited the park and rec commission to com
Jan 16, 2013 3:30pm PST
on the workshop and i think we picked up a fair number of ideas that we want to explore. and beyond what i learned on the visits i will say as i have said before, as we approach this workshop, to me in addition to ways to sort of expedite the metro service, which i know we'll be talking about later on in today's agendas, i think it's time to revisit the idea of closing market street to all, but transit, bicycle and pedestrian. as i said in our last meeting, discussing taxis and now that we have revamped the medallion issuance system, i would urge you to set the agenda to devote a significant amount of time to discussing taxi service. i they it's same time for significant reform in dispatch and peak time performance and now is the time to address that. >> anybody want to comment? >> yes, thank you, chairman nolan. i also wanted to express my sincere gratitude to the staff that welcomed me into the -- cameron beach yard and the balboa yard or the station there and also got a chance to get over to potrero. we can talk about a whole lot more things that i'm eager to talk about on the 29th, but i wa
Jan 16, 2013 9:00pm PST
on a workshop in china town and it was great. we had 68 attendee and so one step is through our partnership with our neighborhood economic development organization. it is up to them in terms of how they want to construct the education either through a workshop or one on one. through their business consultation. so that is one step that we are doing. as i said, with invest in neighborhoods which is part of the corridor program, there are 24 corridors that are identified in the invest in the neighborhood program. and we have when i say corridors, so in district four, we have three corridors, that are in this particular program where we do have individuals going door-to-door to the businesses. geary street in district one and china town is what we call the next corridor area. so, those are the areas right now where we are targeting doing the door-to-door out reach with this brochure. and then, you know, as we can continue to increase any funding, then, you will do more on the ground of out reach. >> commissioner lee? >> thank you. >> i like to talk about more about the actual door-to-door out
Jan 18, 2013 2:00pm PST
hall at 1338 mission street. at those workshops we'll show people how to fill out the time sheets. if people want to practice filling out time sheets, there are practice locations. providers can go to the union hall at 1339 mission and ask for assistance with practicing. they can come to the ihss independent provider enrollment center at 77 otis. they can get receive practice experience there and public authority is also willing to assist with practice and they ask that you call first. and their phone number is 243-3120. we have developed a powerpoint time sheet of those that have been accepted and rejected from the chico processing facility and that is up on our website. the website is also on the screen there. you will be able to get into our powerpoint presentation and also access practice time sheets there right now the presentation is in english. it's almost finished in spanish, chinese and russian, but we haven't posted it yet. tagolog will also be up there. finally for people who have questions about the new time sheets, and the new process, you can cal
Jan 15, 2013 6:00am PST
to need to open their business. based upon those questions, we will direct them to the sba for workshops, courses. there is other entities that also provide workshop courses score as well in terms of helping to write business plans. also helping to educate the distinction between the micro lender, our bank, and our larger financial institutions and how those lending -- what is the difference in how this entities will lend, in addition to the sba loans that are available. also in response to the economic crisis, which hit a couple of months after we open our doors, the mayor reinstated the revolving loan fund, and we partnered with tmc working solutions, which is a micro lender, to provide a loan fund for start of an existing businesses to help them. today, that loan has given out 23 loans, and they are averaging around $15,000 or $25,000 each. another unique thing that the city is doing in terms of helping our businesses and dealing with capital needs is as a city, sometimes, we implement regulations, and you would think that might require some substantial capital for small businesses to
Jan 21, 2013 5:30pm PST
there in the air, and mia has worked with sesame workshop. you target a slightly older age group. talk to us about your piece of the puzzle. >> i am happy to. could i have the next slide? that's not mine. and that's not mine. >> it doesn't look like cartoon network. >> maslow's hierarchy. >> sorry. back up. a big logo slide. >> and we're supposed to be about the technology. >> imagine a big stop bullying speak up logo on the slide behind me. >> say that again. >> stop bullying, speak up is the name of the campaign and a nice transition. my complements to everyone in the room. if i have learned everything in the last four years while researching bullying prevention and for our age group and the kids in the second through seventh grade it's that not only does it take a village but a village of people who are willing to partner and collaborate with each other and speak not only to adults about this issue but speak to children and i think it's an interesting transition from mia's work to mine. still not mine. >> it is but -- >> and the role we play at cartoon network and thousands of kid
Jan 31, 2013 8:30am PST
you to ask questions of them to start a dialogue. as you move into the workshops, this is the sixth workshop we have done rolling this across the country. it is fabulous to hear the interaction and dialogue. bring it on. we want to hear it. this is the first of five remarks -- frameworks. we have the nationalç response framework. this is the first framework following the presidential disaster directive saying that we will have those as a basis of how we move forward with recovery. this is the first one as we move forward from the federal level. it is a national framework. how many people are feds? i should have said, how many people are not feds? put that out of your mind. this is how we all come together and work together for recovery as we go forward. thank you all very much. [applause] ç>> before we take a break in about 50 minutes, we will hear some state and local perspective. what is particularly important to reflect on is that two years when we have an initial meeting in san francisco, we asked you about the framework and talked about the things that needed to go into the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 408 (some duplicates have been removed)